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What are quick-release clamps?

What are quick-release clamps?

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There are different types of quick-release clamps A quick-release clamp is designed with a mechanism which allows the user to rapidly open and close the jaws in one movement.

The type of mechanism used can vary, depending on the model – a quick-release clamp can be designed with a lever, a trigger, or a spring.

Quick-release clamps can be more expensive than other clamps Compared with screw clamps, the quick-release type has a much lower clamping strength, meaning multiple clamps may be needed to hold a workpiece efficiently.

This can prove to be a disadvantage in terms of cost, as a user will need to purchase many more quick-release clamps than they would if they were using screw operated ones.

A quick-release clamp is usually used one-handed However, a quick-release clamp is usually designed to be used one-handed, a major advantage when attempting to grip large or heavy objects, as the other hand is free to hold the workpiece until the clamp is in place.

There are three different types available, as listed below.

Lever clamp

A lever clamp has a lever for adjusting the jaws quickly A lever clamp is a strong and sturdy type of quick-release clamp which can be used for many applications, from light-duty to heavy-duty work.

The elevated shape of the lever means little effort is needed to close the jaws, as the user simply has to push it downwards. The process can be complete in one swift movement, whilst still providing sufficient clamping pressure on a workpiece.

When the lever is pressed the jaws can be moved Some lever clamps use a ratchet mechanism to secure the clamp in use. It locks automatically as pressure is applied via the lever, and is released by pressing a trigger positioned on the lever.

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Spring clamp

A spring clamp is a small but powerful tool A spring clamp, also known as a pinch clamp or a hand clamp, is a small gripping device which looks and works similarly to a clip.

The device has a simple structure, which consists of two jaws and two handles, which are connected by a spring pivot in the centre.

 Donkee says 'A spring clamp may be small but it is powerful'
Spring clamps are ideal for small and awkward tasks It is an ideal clamp to use for small repair work, along with holding workpieces for gluing or painting.

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Trigger clamp

A quick-release clamp has a mechanism which allows the jaws to rapidly adjust Trigger clamps are very popular with both DIYers and professionals due to its ease of use. The trigger mechanism allows the jaws of the clamp to be opened and closed one-handed, leaving the other hand free.
A trigger clamp allows for quick changes in between the jaws With each press of the trigger the moveable jaw slides towards the other jaw, closing them together and allowing for fast and easy positioning. It is an ideal clamp to be used in any environment, including the home, a workshop and the garden.

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