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Can clamp heads be purchased separately?

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Clamp heads are a low cost alternative to a full size bar clamp If a user does not wish to buy a full size bar clamp, the option of purchasing just the jaws is available with these clamp heads. Clamp heads are a low cost alternatives to purchasing a full bar clamp. Instead, these heads can be fitted on to homemade wooden bars, which is a much cheaper option.
Clamp heads can be attached to a wooden bar for a homemade tool The clamp heads are supplied with fixing bolts and slots, which allow the pair to be attached to the wooden bar securely. If the user places holes all along the length of the wooden bar, the back jaw can be moved and repositioned, much like a regular bar clamp.
Clamp heads on small plank of wood As the user creates the clamp themselves, the bar can be as long or short as they wish.

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