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What are the parts of a heavy-duty flooring clamp?

What are the parts of a heavy-duty flooring clamp?

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     Parts of a heavy-duty flooring clamp
Heavy-duty flooring clamp parts A heavy-duty flooring clamp has four main parts: a shoe, a pair of cams, a handle, and the main body.


Flooring clamp shoe The shoe is the name given to the clamping plate, which is responsible for pushing against the floorboard’s edge. The shoe has a wide surface area and a fold-over top, in order to fit perfectly with the shape of the floorboard.
Shoe is controlled by the handle The wide surface area ensures that pressure on the floorboard will be spread evenly when the clamp is pushing two pieces together. The floorboards must be in perfect alignment, as any gaps will result in distorted flooring.

The shoe can be extended and contracted using the handle.


Parts of a flooring clamp A heavy-duty flooring clamp has a sliding pin handle, which is positioned at the top of the clamp. The handle is connected to the shoe and can control its movement. When the handle is rotated to the right the shoe is pushed out, and when it is rotated to the left the shoe is brought in.


Pair of cams A pair of cams are situated at the bottom of the device, which work by gripping on to a joist during clamping. The cams can be opened, to fit the joist in between the two, and then twisted until the serrated edges have a firm grip on the wood.


Parts of a flooring clamp The main body of the clamp holds all the other parts together.

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