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What are the parts of a trigger clamp?

What are the parts of a trigger clamp?

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Parts of a trigger clamp
Parts of a trigger clamp A trigger clamp has a number of parts, including two jaws, a trigger, a handle, a bar and a quick-release lever.


A trigger clamp has a moveable jaw and a fixed jaw A trigger clamp has two jaws: one fixed and one moveable. They are commonly covered with soft plastic pads to protect the clamped material from being marred or damaged.
The jaws on a trigger clamp can be reversed for spreading On the majority of trigger clamps the jaws can also be reversed to allow the clamp to turn into a spreader for pushing workpieces apart. To do this, the fixed jaw must be unscrewed or unbuttoned from the device, repositioned at the other end of the bar facing the opposite direction, and secured back on.
The trigger is pressed to move the moveable jaw The moveable jaw can be adjusted initially by pressing the release lever/button and sliding the jaw freely along the bar.

Final tightening of the clamp is done using the trigger – pressing it moves the jaw a tiny distance each time, eventually gripping the workpiece very tightly.


The trigger is pressed to move the jaw As the name suggests, the tool has a trigger which plays an important role in the clamp’s function. Each time the trigger is pressed towards the handle, the moveable jaw moves closer to the fixed jaw.

The trigger mechanism is ideal when trying to tighten the clamp jaws as much as possible, using very little effort.


The handle is next to the trigger A trigger clamp has a curved handle, designed to provide a comfortable and easy grip.


The bar is the part which supports the jaws The bar is the part which supports the jaws. The length of a trigger clamp’s bar determines how wide the jaws can open.

Quick-release lever

Some trigger clamps have a lever for quick-release The quick-release lever allows the moveable jaw to be rapidly adjusted when pressed. Once the lever is held down, the jaw can slide along the bar with ease, until the lever is released. This is a great time saver when you need to quickly clamp an object in place.
Other types of trigger clamp have a button for quick-release Some models may have a quick-release button, rather than a lever.

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