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What is a trigger clamp?

What is a trigger clamp?

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Wonkee Donkee's guide to trigger clamps A trigger clamp is a holding device which uses a trigger mechanism to adjust the jaws. Due to the fact that it can be operated using only one hand, a trigger clamp can also be known as a one-handed bar clamp.
A trigger clamp is a very popular type of clamp It is a versatile clamp which can be used in any environment, including the home, the workshop and the garden. It is very reliable yet easy to operate, and as a result is extremely popular with both hobbyists and professionals.
When the trigger is pressed the jaws close together A quick-release lever or button can be pressed to release the moveable jaw, so that it can be adjusted. Once the jaw reaches the workpiece, the trigger can be used to further tighten the jaws. Each time the trigger is pressed the clamp tightens a little more, until the workpiece is held very firmly. The more squeezes, the greater the clamping pressure.

Once the application is finished, the quick-release lever is again used to open the jaws in one swift movement.

A trigger clamp can be used for both woodworking and metalworking Depending on the size of trigger clamp, it can be used for a range of work applications, from light-duty woodworking up to heavy-duty metal construction and fabrication.

It is an ideal clamp for holding a workpiece while performing a variety of tasks, such as cutting, sawing, sanding, gluing and nailing.

Some trigger clamps use a ratchet mechanism A ratchet mechanism can be used in the design of some trigger clamps. The ratchet keeps the jaws in place, preventing them from sliding out of position, until the quick-release lever is pressed.
Trigger clamps can have reversible jaws for spreading With most models of trigger clamp, the jaws can be detached and then replaced on the bar facing the opposite direction.
When reversed, the jaws can be used as spreaders This means that, along with clamping, the tool can also be used for spreading – pushing two objects away from each other.

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