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How to glue objects using an F-clamp?

How to glue objects using an F-clamp

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How to glue objects using an F clamp A common use for an F-clamp is to hold a number of workpieces in place, without any movement, while the glue which will bond them together sets.
An F clamp can stain wood so use wax paper in between the two A tip to remember before you begin is that the moisture in the glue can cause the metal bar of the F-clamp to leave a dark stain on material, especially on wood. To avoid this, lay a sheet of wax paper over the bar of the clamp.
Various types of glue are available

Step 1 – Choose glue

Before you begin, choose the appropriate glue for your project. There are many different types available, which are designed for different purposes and materials, so be sure to check the label before applying.

An F clamp can be used when gluing objects together

Step 2 – Apply glue

Carefully apply the glue to the parts which you wish to stick together. A flux brush (a brush designed to apply adhesives evenly) may come in handy here. Use it to spread the glue across the surface.

Once the glue has been applied attach the two parts together

Step 3 – Position parts

Once the glue has been applied, place the parts together.

Position the clamp on the glued workpiece

Step 4 – Place clamp

Place the clamp over the attached parts and close the jaws. The clamp should only be closed tight enough to firmly, but gently, hold the glued objects together.

Leaking glue could lead to an uneven glue line Excessive force is not needed, as too much clamping pressure will lead to an uneven glue line due to the glue leaking out of the joint. This could result in the parts coming apart in the long term.
Use multiple clamps if the workpiece is large

Step 5 – Spread pressure

The clamping pressure should be spread evenly, meaning on large workpieces more than one clamp may be needed. Spread the additional clamps out along the workpiece to distribute the pressure.

Leave the glue to set

Step 6 – Leave to set

Leave the clamps holding the parts together until the glue has set.

Once the glue has set the clamps can be removed

Step 7 – Remove clamp

Once the glue has set the clamps can be removed from the workpiece.

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