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What is a hand screw clamp?

What is a hand screw clamp?

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A hand screw clamp is made out of wood A hand screw clamp is a large woodworking clamp which differs from other types because it is mostly made out of wood, rather than metal.
A hand screw clamp is used for clamping wood Wood is a much softer material than metal, particularly iron and steel. Due to this, the clamp is typically used for applications which involve clamping wood, as there is less chance of the jaws marring or damaging the surface of the workpiece.
A hand screw clamp can be used for many woodworking applications A hand screw clamp can be used for many applications, such as gluing, painting and assembling objects.

Its deep throat means it is a versatile clamp, which can be used for holding both small or large workpieces.

A hand screw clamp has handles which can be offset or angled Due to its double screw structure, the jaws can be angled or offset to allow the user to clamp irregularly shaped or tapered objects.
Twisting the jaws in different ways will open the jaws If the shape of the workpiece requires the jaws to be angled or offset, only one of the handles needs to be used at a time.
The jaws can be angled outward or inwards For instance, loosening the front handle will angle the jaws outward, whereas loosening the back handle will angle the jaws inward.
The double screw provides equal clamping pressure on both sides The double screw and handle design also allows the user to apply equal pressure from both sides, meaning the clamping force is distributed evenly on the workpiece.

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