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What is a seaming clamp?

What is a seaming clamp?

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What is a seaming clamp? A seaming clamp is used to hold flat, smooth materials together at the seam, in order for creating even surfaces. It can be used for flooring, as well as other types of surfaces, such as kitchen counter tops.
A seaming clamp can be used on a number of materials A seaming clamp is extremely versatile when it comes to the materials it can holds. It is a heavy-duty tool and is capable of clamping materials which are large and heavy.

Along with panel, parquet and laminated flooring, it can also be used to hold ceramic, granite, corian, plastic, sheet metal and glass boards.

A seaming clamp holds two pieces of flooring together The clamp uses two vacuum pads which hold the workpiece through suction. Each pad holds one piece of flooring, holding their edges in alignment, allowing the user to attach the two together so they are perfectly level.

What sizes are available?

Seaming clamp sizes In terms of its opening capacity, a seaming clamp is available in two sizes. The opening capacity indicates the maximum distance between the two vacuum pads. The clamp is available with the following opening capacities:

  • 55mm (2″ approx.)
  • 130mm (5″ approx.)

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