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What is a toggle clamp?

What is a toggle clamp?

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A toggle clamp in a single jaw clamp A toggle clamp has a single clamping plate and is designed to hold a workpiece down on a work surface, such as a bench top. The clamp is fixed, as it is permanently bolted to the work surface.
A toggle clamp works in conjunction with a bench top The fact that the clamp only has one clamping plate means it is used in conjunction with the surface of the work bench to hold a workpiece securely. The plate of the clamp pushes on the workpiece, holding it steady between the plate and the work surface.
A toggle clamp is a fast-action clamp The clamp uses a fast-action mechanism, meaning it can be engaged or released in one quick movement.
The lever locks the clamp jaw It works through a combination of levers and pivot pins, which are linked together. The lever is used to apply the clamping force, meaning when the lever is pressed down the clamping plate pushes against the workpiece. The clamp is now locked, and does not unlock until the lever is released.
A toogle clamp is commonly used for woodworking The clamp can be used for both light- and heavy-duty applications.

It is commonly used to hold workpieces in woodworking tasks, such as sawing and drilling.

A toggle clamp can push down or push forwards There are different types of toggle clamps available, some of which push down on a workpiece, while others push forwards.

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