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What angle clamp sizes are available?

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Angle clamp sizes Angle clamps are rather small compared with some other types of clamp, as they have a limited jaw opening. This is due to the fact that the clamps are usually designed for frame work and similar tasks.
Size of angle clamps Despite this, there are still different sizes of angle clamp available. The jaw opening refers to the maximum width that the jaws are capable of opening, and is equal on both sides of the clamp.

Single screw angle clamps

Single screw angle clamp jaw opening In terms of the jaw opening, single screw angle clamps are available in two sizes:

  • 55mm (2″ approx.) each side
  • 100mm (4″ approx.) each side

Double screw angle clamps

Double screw angle clamp jaw opening A double screw angle clamps is available with the following jaw openings:

  • 50mm (2″ approx.) each side
  • 75mm (3″ approx.) each side
  • 115mm (4.5″ approx.) each side

Welding angle clamp

Welding angle clamp jaw opening Welding clamps have the most varying sizes in terms of jaw opening capacity:

  • 50mm (2″ approx.) each side
  • 100mm (4″ approx.) each side
  • 125mm (5″ approx.) each side
  • 150mm (6″ approx.) each side