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How to use a screw clamp?

How to use a screw clamp

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How to use screw clamps Simply follow the steps below for a quick and easy guide on how to use your screw clamp. The steps may vary slightly, depending on the type you are using.
Open the clamp jaws by twisting the handle to the left

Step 1 – Open jaws

To use the clamp, you will firstly need to open the jaws. Do this by twisting the handle to the left, as this will loosen the screw and cause the moveable jaw to slide away from the fixed jaw.

A clamp may have multiple handles If your clamp has multiple handles, each will need to be twisted individually in order to open all of the jaws.
Place the open jaws of the clamp over the workpiece

Step 2 – Position clamp

Place the clamp over the workpiece, by positioning one jaw on either side.

A clamp can be used to hold objects down on a work top You may intend to use your clamp for applications such as filing or drilling, which will require the workpiece to be placed on a worktop. In this case, place your clamp with one jaw on the top edge of the workpiece, and the other underneath the surface area, so that the frame of the clamp surrounds the worktop’s edge.
Donkee says 'Use jaw pads if there is any possibility of damaging the material'
Twist the handle to the right to close the jaws together

Step 3 – Close jaws

Close the jaws by twisting the handle to the right. This will tighten the screw and move the jaws closer together.

Make sure the jaws are firmly closed, to ensure the workpiece is secure.

More than one clamp can be used at a time Remember, more than one clamp can be used at a time, especially if your workpiece is particularly large or heavy.

With larger workpieces, place a number of clamps along the length to give additional support.

Your workpiece is now clamped securely Your workpiece is now secure and the desired work application can be completed.

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