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What is a heavy-duty flooring clamp?

What is a heavy-duty flooring clamp?

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A clamp which helps to lay floorboards A heavy-duty flooring clamp is mainly used when laying floorboards, in order to hold them in tight alignment. The clamp prevents any gaps from forming between the floorboards, helping to provide a perfect finish.
Flooring clamps are used by Diyers and professionals The clamp is strong and robust, meaning it is used by both DIYers and professional flooring contractors.
Clamp attaches to joist The clamp works by gripping on to a supporting joist, and pushing against the edge of a floorboard with its ‘shoe’, until it is firmly against the adjoining floorboard. Once secure, the two boards can be nailed together.
 Donkee says 'The clamping plate is called a shoe'
Tongue and groove joint The clamp is most commonly used on wooden floorboards which use a tongue and groove joint. It is designed to be used in pairs, with one clamp placed along the edge of each floorboard. If a floorboard is particularly large, multiple clamps can be used for additional support.

What sizes are available?

Heavy-duty flooring clamp sizes A heavy-duty flooring clamp is only available in one size.

It is made to fit on to joists ranging from 38mm (1.5″ approx.) to 89mm (3.5″ approx.) in thickness.

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