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What is a locking clamp?

What is a locking clamp?

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A locking clamp has jaws in the shape of a C A locking clamp features a C-shaped jaw and uses a lever mechanism to hold a workpiece in place. The clamp is made from steel in order to provide strength and durability during clamping operations.
A locking clamps is controlled using a screw and lever mechanism The clamp has a fixed jaw on one side, and a moveable jaw on the other, which is controlled using an integrated lever. When the lever is pressed it quickly brings the moveable jaw towards the fixed jaw, closing the two together.

Some models also have a screw mechanism for tightening the jaws, which is used alongside the lever, in order to apply the optimum amount of pressure on a workpiece.

Locking clamps have a wide jaw opening The shape of the jaws means the clamp is capable of gripping on to workpieces of various shapes and sizes. It can be used to hold on to tapered or irregularly-shaped objects, and extremely thin materials, such as sheet metal.
Locking clamps are ideal for metalworking It is best used for metalworking tasks, such as sheet metal fabrication, welding and car body work. However, it can also be used to clamp other materials, including wood and plastic, if needed.
There are different types of locking clamp available There are many different types and designs of locking clamp available. For more information, see What are the different types of locking clamp?

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