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How does a clamp work?

How does a clamp work?

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Clamps are used to hold an object in place for work to be done Clamps hold objects firmly in place. Whether it is being used to clamp an object to a work surface or to hold two or more objects together, the purpose of a clamp is to provide a firm grip for the user to complete the required task.
Some clamps only have one jaw If a clamp has one jaw only then the device is designed to be used in conjunction with a work surface, such as a bench top, to hold an item steady.
Most clamps have two jaws However, if a clamp has two jaws they will work together to hold the item.
Some clamps have a lever to adjust the jaws The jaws are controlled differently on various types of clamp, depending on the mechanism used. Some types will use a trigger mechanism, whereby the jaws are adjusted using a trigger or lever.
The clamp has a handle which controls the jaws Alternatively, some types have a traditional screw which adjusts the clamp.

When the screw is rotated, the clamp closes around the workpiece and pressure is applied to keep it firmly in place.

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