What spring clamp sizes are available?

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  Wonkee Donkee's guide to spring clamp sizes   Different sizes of spring clamp are available to accommodate small or larger workpieces.    
  A spring clamp may be too small for large or heavy objects   Due to the general size of a spring clamp, it should not be used for clamping extremely large or heavy workpieces. It’s important to know what size you are using to ensure the jaws will open wide enough to fit around the object in hand.    

Jaw opening 

  The jaw opening is how wide the jaws can open  

The jaw opening refers to how wide the jaws of a spring clamp can open. This is sometimes known as the clamp capacity. 


In terms of spring clamps, the jaw opening usually enlarges by 25mm (1″) as the size of the clamp increases. However, this depends on the model. 

  Jaw opening of a spring clamp  

The smallest jaw opening available is 25mm (1″ approx.).


The largest jaw opening available is 235mm (9.5″ approx.). 


Throat depth 

  The throat depth is how deep the clamp jaws are   The throat depth can be measured by the distance from the edge of the jaws to the pivot point at the centre of the clamp, where the two jaws meet.    
  Throat depth of a spring clamp  

The smallest throat depth available is 35mm (1.4″ approx.).


The largest throat depth available is 75mm (3″ approx.).