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What is a strap clamp?

What is a strap clamp?

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What is a strap clamp A strap clamp has a strong, flexible strap, made from polyester, which holds flooring firmly in place.
The jaw clips over the edge of the flooring The clamp works through two jaw clips, with one clipping on to either side of the flooring. The strap connects these two parts and covers the surface of the flooring, ensuring it is kept level.
Clamping plate pushes against the wall A clamping plate, which is connected to one parts of the clamp, also pushes against a near-by wall. The pressure from the clamping plate means the strap clamp pushes against the edge of the flooring, keeping it in secure alignment with the piece next door.
The clamps are commonly used in pairs The clamp is commonly used in pairs, although more clamps may be needed for larger flooring areas.
Strap clamp It is commonly used on thin flooring materials, such as parquet, laminated and panel floorings.

What sizes are available?

Strap clamp sizes A strap clamp is only available in one size.

It has a strap length of 4m (13 ft. approx.), and the width of the jaw clips is 120mm (5″ approx.).

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