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What are screw clamps?

What are screw clamps?

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There are various types of screw clamp available Screw clamps is the general term given to a group of clamps which use a screw mechanism to adjust the jaws and clamp a workpiece in place.
A screw clamp is a strong type of clamp to use They are strong and sturdy fastening devices – once the screw is in position, it takes a lot of force to accidentally loosen it. This is why screw clamps are so popular with hobbyists and DIYers.
A screw clamp is portable Screw clamps are portable and can be used in any environment or situation the user wishes, making them a versatile tool.

There are many different types of screw clamp available, all designed for different purposes.

A G clamp is shaped like the letter G


A G-clamp is so named because it is shaped like a capital ‘G’.

G clamps can be used for woodworking or metalworking It is commonly made from cast iron or steel, and is popular with many DIY enthusiasts due to the fact that it is a general purpose clamp that can be used for light or heavy-duty work.

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An F clamp is shaped like the letter F


An F-clamp is designed in the shape of a letter ‘F’.

An F clamp has a wide jaw opening for large workpieces It is the ideal tool to use for heavy-duty woodworking as it can withstand the pressure that comes with clamping large and heavy workpieces.

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An edging clamp is used for specific and awkward applications on edges

Edging clamp

An edging clamp is designed for applications which require edging to be clamped on to the side of work surfaces. The clamp holds the edging while glue sets, or while the user otherwise fixes it in place.

An edging clamp holds material on to an edge or corner It is a versatile clamp, due to its extra screw and clamping plate, and is primarily used in woodworking and machining.

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A hand screw clamp is made out of wood

Hand screw clamp

A hand screw clamp is made out of wood and is typically used for woodworking applications due to the fact that it has softer jaws than metal clamps.

The jaws can be angled or offset It is a versatile clamp that can be used for applications such as gluing, painting and assembling objects. The jaws of a wooden hand screw clamp can also be angled or offset to allow the user to clamp irregularly-shaped or tapered objects.

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A rack clamp is designed for metalworking

Rack clamp

A rack clamp is specifically designed for metalworking, including metal fabrication, welding and moulding.

A rack clam can be used for heavy-duty work, such as welding It is a heavy-duty clamp which is designed to withstand the pressures of both DIY and industrial use.

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