What is an F-clamp?

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 An F clamp is shaped like the letter F 

An F-clamp is designed in the shape of a letter 'F'. The tool consists of one long, vertical bar and two horizontal jaws. 


In many ways it works similar to a G-clamp because one jaw is fixed at one end of the bar, whilst the other is moveable and can slide into different positions.  

 An F clamp can hold large and heavy workpieces It differs to a G-clamp, however, as the jaws can open a great deal wider.  
 An F clamp has a wide jaw opening for large workpieces Its strong construction makes it the ideal tool to use for heavy-duty woodworking, as it can withstand the pressure that comes with clamping large and heavy workpieces.   
 An F clamp is often used for gluing 

The shape of an F-clamp means it is often used by DIYers for gluing workpieces together, as its wide jaws and straight frame can hold two objects perfectly parallel while the glue sets. 

 F clamps used for gluing wood 

A number of F-clamps can be used during one gluing application to equalise the pressure along the length of the workpiece. 


For more information, see our step-by-step guide, How to glue objects using an F-clamp.

 F clamps are available in different sizes 

F-clamps are available in many different sizes, giving a range of clamping capacities. 

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