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How to use a locking clamp

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How to use a locking clamp Here is a simple guide explaining how to use a locking clamp. The steps may vary slightly, depending on what type and model you are using.
Push the lever away from the handle to open the jaws

Step 1 Р Open jaws

Open the jaws of the clamp by pushing the lever away from the handle. This will pull the moveable jaw away from the fixed one, separating the two.

Place the clamp around your workpiece

Step 2 – Place clamp

Place the jaws of the clamp on to the workpiece, with one jaw on either side.

Turn the screw to adjust the pressure from the clamp

Step 3 – Adjust pressure

Rotate the screw to the right in order to bring the jaws closer together and adjust the pressure. This will make sure the jaws have a secure grip on the workpiece.

Donkee says 'Now, each time you use your clamp it will stay set at the same pressure'
Pull the lever towards the handle to close the jaws

Step 4 – Close jaws

Next, pull the lever back towards the handle. This will firmly close the jaws on the workpiece.

Adjust the pressure once again At this point you may want to use the screw to adjust the pressure once again, to make sure the correct amount is applied from the clamp.
Once the clamps are secure the application can be completed Your workpiece is now secure within the jaws and the desired work can be carried out.

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