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What pattern maker’s vice
sizes are available?

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pattern maker's vice Pattern maker’s vices are only available in one size and weight.


weight A pattern maker’s vice is the heaviest of most woodworking vices, weighing in at 60 lbs (27 kg approx.).

Jaw width

jaw width The jaw width is how wide the jaws are from one side to another and is measured by the horizontal distance across the top edge of the jaw.

The jaw width of a pattern maker’s vice is 350mm (14″ approx.).

Jaw opening

jaw opening The jaw opening of a vice is how far the mouth of the jaws can open.

The jaw opening of a pattern maker’s vice is 330mm (13″ approx.).

Throat depth

jaw opening The throat depth is how deep the jaws of a vice are. The throat depth of a pattern maker’s vice is measured by the vertical distance from the top edge of the jaws down to the bottom edge.

A pattern maker’s vice has a throat depth of 125mm (5″ approx.).

Carver’s jaw width

carver's jaws A pattern maker’s vice also has a pair of carver’s jaws incorporated into the design, to hold small and delicate pieces of wood. These miniature jaws have a width of 50mm (2″ approx.).
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