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What is a woodwork vice?

What is a woodwork vice?

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bench vice A woodwork vice is the name given to a heavy-duty wood clamping vice that is attached to a workbench. It is capable of heavy-duty use due to its design, as its strong metal construction and wide jaws mean it can withstand large amounts of pressure during work applications.
Donkee guide In some trades, a woodwork vice can also be referred to as a woodworker’s vice.

There are three different types of woodwork vice available. They are the plain screw, the quick-release and the woodcraft. For more information, visit What are the different types of woodwork vice?

What is it used for?

large piece of wood A woodwork vice can be used for either light or heavy-duty work as it can hold both large or small pieces of wood. Due to its clamping capabilities, it is often used by professional woodworkers and in manufacturing industries for the production of wood products, such as plywood, veneers, containers, flooring, etc.
woodworking vice The vice can be used to hold wood when completing a number of tasks, for example:
drilling with a woodwork vice Drilling
sawing with a woodwork vice Sawing
filing with a woodwork vice Filing or sandpapering
planing Planing


woodworking bench vice The vice is mounted at the front of a workbench so that the sliding jaw is flush (level) with the top of the bench. The vice is bolted to the workbench which keeps it securely in place and allows it to do heavy-duty clamping without any risk of falling.
woodwork vice with dog Most models of woodwork vices are available with the additional feature of a front dog which gives alternative clamping options when used in conjunction with a bench dog. For more information, visit What is a dog feature?
toe-in This clamping tool is usually designed with the toe-in feature in order to avoid racking and to apply even pressure on a workpiece when clamping wooden objects. For more information, visit What is a toe-in feature?
clamp woodcraft vice

Portable woodwork vices

Although usually permanent, a woodwork vice is also available in a portable version. Designed with an integrated clamp, it can be moved and then mounted to the top of a worktop, instead of underneath it.

woodwork portable vice The vice includes a clamp underneath the mounting bracket, which attaches it to the edge of any convenient work surface. The clamp is twisted until it has a firm grip on the surface and stays securely in place.

Although the vice is versatile, due to its portability, it is not as strong in clamping ability as other woodwork vices that are permanently bolted to a workbench.

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