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What are the different types of engineer’s vice?

What are the different types of engineer’s vice?

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engineer There are different types of vices within the engineer’s category.

These vices are all similar in appearance, however, they are designed with different capabilities as some are for professional use and some for home use.

Mechanic’s vices

Mechanics vice A mechanic’s vice is similar in appearance to an engineer’s vice however, this type of vice is usually smaller and made for light and medium-duty work.
homeshop use It is called a mechanic’s vice, as it is designed to be used in home shops and garages, rather than in industrial manufacturing.
cutting conduit The mechanic’s vice is the most common medium-duty vice as it is designed for general purpose use instead of professional workshop use. It is ideal for medium-duty applications, such as cutting conduit and similar objects, or the light sanding of a workpiece.

Fitter’s vices

Fitters vice A fitter’s vice is named so as it is designed specifically for industrial fitting and training workshops. This is due to the fact that it is manufactured with the quick-release mechanism which allows the user to rapidly adjust the jaws when working.
clock This feature is especially valuable in vices used in industrial workshops as it saves a great amount of time during repetitive applications.
filing It can range in use from medium-duty work, such as small fitting and filing, to heavy-duty work, such as the assembly and fitting of larger materials.

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