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What are the parts of a machine vice?

What are the parts of a machine vice?

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     parts of a drill press vice


drill press vice A machine vice usually has hardened jaws which allow it to withstand the large amount of force that comes with machining applications.
jaw pads These jaws are often interchangeable with jaw pads to allow for different materials to be held without causing any damage. For more information, visit the page titled: ‘What are jaw pads?’
grooved jaws Some jaws are multi-purpose and have vertical and horizontal grooves on their surfaces so that they can hold circular or irregularly shaped objects for drilling or milling.
swivel jaw Some models are available with a tilting jaw, which is designed for holding irregularly shaped workpieces. For more information, visit  What are the different types of drill press vice?


drill press vice The screw is the part that is in control of opening and closing the jaws of the vice.
threaded screw The body of the screw is threaded and its end is outfitted with the vice handle which controls the screw’s movement.


crank handle A machine vice commonly has a small crank handle which allows the user to apply maximum clamping force when working, but without having to turn the handle excessively. This is because the crank handle provides extra leverage when rotating, meaning the screw can exert greater pressure onto the jaws but without any extra effort from the user.
rubber coated screw end Other models may not have a handle at all, but a simple rubber coating on the screw end which is turned to open and close the vice jaws.
drill press vice Machine vices are designed with these handles so as to avoid obstruction by the drill press or milling bed once it is bolted down.


drill press vice on machine bed Machine vices are often manufactured with a flat bottom base design which fits firmly against the machine’s table. This allows the vice to fit on the table in horizontal alignment with the drill bit.
holes in base The base is also designed with holes through the bottom, in order to allow the drill to pass through during applications.
swivel base vice There are various different bases available for a machine vice, such as fixed, swivel or three-way. For more information, visit  What are the different types of machine vice bases?

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