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What is a vice used for?

What is a vice used for?

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What can a vice be used for A vice is a tool used to hold objects securely while they are worked on. A vice can be used to hold large and heavy objects as its jaws have a grip that can exert considerable pressure.
Wonkee donkee's vices Most vices can be used for a wide variety of work. Make sure when selecting your vice that you choose one suitable for the task in hand.

A vice can be used for a variety of different tasks, for example:


Vices can be used for metalworking A vice is a useful apparatus when working with metal as it can hold the metal in place when cutting, filing or modifying its shape and size.


Vices can be used for woodworking Similarly to metalworking, a vice is a useful tool when woodworking as it holds the wood sturdy while work is being completed.


Vices can be used for gluing A vice can provide a great advantage when working with glue. When gluing objects together, they can be secured into the jaws of the vice, and then left to dry safely. This saves the user time as they can pursue other tasks while the glue sets.


Vices can be used for cutting and sawing Vices are¬†extremely beneficial when using a saw to cut wood as they are the most reliable way to hold wood still. Using a vice when sawing is also much safer as it prevents the risk of injury to a user’s hands when cutting.


Vices can be used for drilling Drilling is a task that requires serious precision and stability. Using a vice is important for such tasks as it allows the user to drill holes with greater accuracy by holding the object securely in place.

Using a vice is also a much safer way to hold an object when using a drill, as it leaves both hands free to hold the tool rather than having to use one to hold the workpiece.

Sandpapering or filing

Vices can be used for filing and sandpapering When an object needs sandpapering or filing down, a vice can help make the task easier and more efficient, and allows the user to file the object quickly. By having the object secured in a vice, time will be saved rather than the user having to constantly move the object around to get it in a convenient position.

Cutting conduit

Vices can be used for holding conduit A vice is an ideal tool for securing electrical conduit safely and firmly when cutting.

Adjusting or screwing

Vice can be used to tighten or loosen an object A vice can also be a useful tool when trying to tighten or loosen a stiff object, such as a screw and nut. The vice can hold the screw sturdy while a wrench is used to adjust the nut.

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