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What are the different types of machine vice?

What are the different types of machine vice?

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donkee with guide book There are different types of machine vice, which can be used for various tasks and purposes. They are listed below:

Drill press vices

drill press vice A drill press vice is primarily designed to be used in a drill press machine to clamp objects when drilling holes. Its flat base allows it to be mounted to a machine’s table and its open base bottom allows the drill bit to pass all the way through, if needed.

Other than this, the vice has a simple design, involving two jaws and a screw.

drill press vice The vice works by simply mounting to the table of a drilling machine and clamping an object stationary so that drilling can be completed on it. There are different types of drill press vice available, including the tilting jaw vice and the quick-release vice.

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Milling vices

milling vice A milling vice is designed to be mounted to a milling machine, in order to hold workpieces securely to be milled. It is often designed with a strong construction, consisting of a high tensile cast iron body and hardened steel jaws which allow it to bear the force of milling applications.
milling vice on milling machine table Similarly to a drill press vice, the tool attaches to the table of the machine, and eliminates the risk of an object moving while milling.

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Angle vices

angle drill press vice An angle vice is similar to a standard drill press vice except it has a key additional feature: it is capable of setting a clamped workpiece up at an angle for machining.

It can also be called a tilting vice and can be used on both a drill press and milling machine.

angle drill press vice An angle vice can adjust up to a 90 degree angle which allows the user to adjust the workpiece to the best position for drilling or reaming. This feature is ideal for when using a drill press to create angled holes through an object, and also for completing light duty milling.

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Cross slide vices

cross slide vice upper and lower mounts A cross slide vice has two mounts, instead of one, which allows for versatile clamping and drilling abilities. The two mounts mean a workpiece can be moved in two different directions in order to place it in the best position.

The vice can also be referred to as an XY axis vice.

cross slide drill press vice The upper mount has two jaws which clamp the workpiece firmly in place. This mount can be moved from right to left by rotating the top handle. The lower mount can then move the upper mount forwards and backwards by rotating the bottom handle.

Similarly to an angle vice, this vice is ideal to be used for both drilling and milling tasks.

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