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How does a vice work?

How does a vice work?

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How does a vice work A vice has two parallel jaws which work together to firmly clamp an object and hold it in place.
A vice has one stationary jaw and one sliding jaw One jaw is stationary, as it is attached to the fixed body section of the vice, while the other jaw is moveable.
Threaded screw runs through the vice body A threaded screw, which is connected to the jaws, runs through the body of the vice, and its movement is controlled by a handle, which is located on the outer end of a vice.
Handle rotated the screw to open or close the jaws Pressure is exerted by the handle, through the screw which then moves the sliding jaw. When rotated anti-clockwise the handle moves the sliding jaw away from the stationary jaw and opens the gap between them. Then in contrast, when rotated clockwise the handle moves the sliding jaw closer to the stationary jaw, thus closing them together.
Vice can hold objects for drilling, sawing, etc When brought together around a workpiece, the jaws then hold the desired object firmly so that applications such as sawing, drilling, gluing and filling can be completed on it.

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