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What hand vice sizes are available?

What hand vice sizes are available?

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hand-held vice Although all hand vices are small in construction, different models are available with different jaw widths and jaw openings.


feather light Hand vices are extremely light, with the smallest model weighing as little as 0.5 lbs (0.2 kg approx.), and the largest model weighing in at 2 lbs (1 kg approx.).

The weight of the hand vice increases as its overall size gets bigger.

Jaw width

jaw width The jaw width is how wide the jaws are from one side to another and is measured by the horizontal distance along the jaw edge.

Smallest available: 12mm (0.5″ approx.)

Largest available: 85mm (3.5″ approx.)

Jaw opening

jaw opening The jaw opening of a vice is how far the mouth of the jaws can open.

Smallest available: 11mm (0.5″ approx.)

Largest available: 45mm (2″ approx.)

How to choose a hand vice

ruler The size of vice needed depends on the workpiece to be clamped. For slightly larger workpieces, a hand vice with a greater jaw width and opening would be appropriate as they can provide more clamping support than a vice with a smaller jaw capacity.

A larger hand vice may also be easier to grip onto for the user, which can be an advantage when completing tasks such as sanding and grinding.

weight When purchasing a hand vice, its weight is another aspect to consider. Although the primary factors to consider when choosing a vice are the jaw width and opening, you should still think about its weight as you do not want to be working with a vice that is too heavy for the task in hand. Make sure the vice feels comfortable in your hand before you start working on an object.
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