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What are the different types of multi purpose vice?

What are the different types of
multi-purpose vice?

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Donkee mouth There are different types of vices in the multi-purpose category. The major difference between these vices is their jaws, which can be either rotating or reversible.

Rotating vices

multi-purpose vice Rotating multi-purpose vices have their jaws on a cylindrical slide, which allows them to be rotated at any angle up to 180 degrees, and then locked in the optimum position.

For more information, visit How to rotate the jaws on a rotating vice.

rotating jaws Their built-in pipe jaws are on the reverse side of the cylindrical slide and can then be rotated when needed.
copper pipe For example, if you wish to work on a circular object such as a copper pipe, the slide can be rotated to allow the user to have the pipe jaws at a more convenient position for clamping.
rotating pipe jaws The pipe jaws are also versatile in allowing the pipe to be held either vertically or horizontally.
multi-purpose rotating vice The rotating jaws are also beneficial for quickly adjusting the position of a workpiece during tasks such as filing or sandpapering an object. When all sides of the object need to be smoothed down, the jaws can be quickly moved and locked, eliminating the task of constantly repositioning the workpiece within the vice jaws.

Reversible vices

reversible vice The reversible vice is another versatile multi-purpose tool, which is available in a range of different sizes. It is a useful tool for DIY tasks around the home due to its unique reversible jaws.
reversible vice To reverse the vice, the jaws are easily swapped. For more information, visit  How to reverse the jaws on a reversible vice.
reversed vice When clamping, the reversed setting gives the jaws a wider opening and the vice’s original clamping capacity can be greatly increased.
reversible vice second anvil Some specialised models of reversible vice have a second anvil as an additional feature on the vice, which gives the user more space for hammering and shaping.

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