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How to mount a metalworking vice?

How to mount a metalworking vice

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steps A vice will need to be mounted correctly to make sure it is secure enough to clamp onto objects without risk of movement. This can be done by following a few simple steps.

Mounting a permanent vice

sawing When used for holding a workpiece during hand operations, such as sawing or filing, a vice may be permanently mounted to a worktop by bolting it into place.
bench vice This ensures both a user’s safety and accuracy when completing such operations on a workpiece, by eliminating any risk of the vice moving or falling off the surface.

All engineer’s and multi-purpose vices are bolted down to provide stability when clamping.

work bench

Step 1 – Select worktop

When using a vice, the fixed body should always be securely attached to a sturdy worktop, such as a workbench, and the workbench should be firmly secured to the floor.

vice bolted to a bench

Step 2 – Position vice

Make sure to place the vice in the best position before bolting. The fixed jaw should project slightly over the edge of the workbench; this will ensure that long objects can be clamped in the vice without the workbench getting in the way.

marking holes for drilling

Step 3 – Drill bolt holes

After finding the best position for your vice, mark out where the vice will be bolted.

drilling holes in workbench These holes will then have to be drilled out to allow for the bolts to pass through the workbench.
bolt, nut and washer

Step 4 – Bolt vice

Next, place bolts into all of the holes provided in the vice’s base. To add further security, place lock washers in between the bolt and vice base to distribute the load of the fastener.

mounting a bench vice If the ends of the bolts come through the other side of the bench, keep them firmly in place by fastening nuts onto their ends, and tighten them using a wrench.
vice ready for use The vice should now be mounted to the workbench and ready for use.

Mounting a portable vice

table vice Table vices are usually portable and can be clamped to any convenient worktop when needed.

Step 1 – Select worktop

A portable vice can mount to any convenient work surface, as long as the clamp is wide enough to fit around the edge.

table vice

Step 2 – Position vice

Place the vice in the best working position by resting the base on top of the work surface and the clamp underneath the work surface.

clamping a table vice

Step 3 – Clamp vice

Fix the vice by turning the clamping lever to the right. Keep turning until the vice is clamped tightly onto the work surface. To undo the vice, simply turn the clamping lever to the left.

table vice in use The vice should now be securely mounted to the work surface and ready to be used.

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