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How to replace the jaws on a metalworking vice?

How to replace the jaws on a metalworking vice

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instruction manual After a while, your vice may need its jaws replacing. Most metalworking vices are available with replaceable jaws, however, unfortunately, woodworking and hand vices do not have this feature.
replaceable steel jaws The majority of metalworking vices are designed with replaceable jaws which are easy to change and jaw plates are available to purchase in various sizes to accommodate different vices.
worn down jaws

When to replace the jaws

Over time the metal plates of a vice’s jaws will get worn down and uneven. Always replace vice jaws when they become dull or smooth, otherwise it will affect their grip and make the vice unreliable.

Impact driver releasing screw

Step 1 – Unscrew old jaws

To replace the jaws, simply use a screwdriver to unscrew the old jaws from the vice. If the screws are on too tightly then an impact driver may be needed to release them.

replacement vice jaws

Step 2 – Choose new jaws

Make sure to purchase new jaws that fit the size of the vice that you are attaching them to. Different models of vice will require jaws of different sizes and materials.

new jaws

Step 3 – Attach new jaws

Finally, place the new jaws onto the vice and use the screws included and a screwdriver to attach them tightly into place.

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