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What is a multi-purpose vice?

What is a multi-purpose vice?

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multi-purpose utility vice A multi-purpose vice can perform a variety of tasks and purposes, as it is equipped with the added features of integrated pipe jaws and a swivel base. There are two different types of multi-purpose vice: rotating and reversible.
utility vice A multi-purpose vice can also be known as a utility vice or a combination vice.

What is it used for?

multi-purpose in use A multi-purpose vice is used for holding a variety of objects and materials, while a number of different tasks are completed, such as filing and gluing.
multi-purpose vice holding a pipe As well as holding square and rectangular shaped workpieces, the vice has a pair of pipe jaws that can be used to hold circular objects such as pipes and screws.
pipe cutting These vices are usually made for light to medium-duty clamping to complete tasks such as the cutting of metal pipes and plastic conduit.


pipe jaws Multi-purpose vices are versatile tools as they have built-in pipe jaws, along with regular jaws. The pipe jaws are usually placed underneath the regular jaws.
360 degrees A multi-purpose vice is built on a swivel base to add to its versatility. This means the vice can be rotated 360 degrees and locked at the most convenient working position.
hammering with anvil A built-in anvil is commonly present on the body of a multi-purpose vice to allow for hammering and shaping.

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