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What is a quick-release feature?

What is a quick-release feature?

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Many vices are available with a quick-release feature A quick-release feature is an additional mechanism that allows the vice jaws to be opened with one simple movement.

Vices with this feature can also be called ‘quick-action’ or ‘cam action’ vices.

Quick-release metalworking vice Many types of vice, including metalworking, woodworking and machine are available with the quick-release feature.
Quick-release vice parts split nut and screw A quick-release vice has a unique mechanism which includes a split nut. The nut holds the threaded screw and is located within the main body of the vice.
Quick-release split nut mechanism The split nut, by means of a lever or handle, can be removed, thus unlocking the main screw and allowing the moveable jaw to be quickly readjusted. When the jaws are in a suitable position, the nut is then re-engaged and locks the screw firmly in place.
Quick-release feature saves the user time This mechanism greatly speeds up the clamping process and relieves the user from the time-consuming effort of tightening and loosening the jaws manually, which is required with a screw-operated vice.


Vice with a lever operated quick-release Some quick-release vices are available with a simple lever, which can also be known as a ‘trigger-operated mechanism’.

The mechanism works because the spring-loaded lever is connected to a bar that releases the nut and unlocks the threaded screw, allowing the jaws to rapidly open.

Pull lever towards you to operate quick-release To use the quick-release on the lever-operated vices, simply squeeze the top of the lever, pulling it towards the handle, in order to allow the front jaw to slide in or out.


Handle operated quick-release feature Other quick-release vices have an integral mechanism which is operated by a turn of the handle.

They are designed for one-handed operation so that the user can hold the workpiece in one hand while adjusting the jaws with the other. These vices work with single-handed use, as the screw nut is either engaged or disengaged, depending on the direction the handle is turned.

Turn handle to operate quick-release To use the quick-release mechanism on handle-operated vices, give the handle a 180 degree turn in an anti-clockwise direction to rapidly open the jaws, or similarly in a clockwise direction to close the jaws.

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