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What drill press vice sizes are available?

What drill press vice sizes are available?

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various sizes of drill press vice Drill press vices are available with various jaw widths, ranging from smaller light-duty models, to larger heavy-duty models. As the jaw width increases, so does the overall size of the vice to be in proportion with the jaws.
ticks The following dimensions apply to all types of drill press vice.


weight kg lbs The weight of a drill press vice can range from 3 lbs up to 55 lbs (1.5-25 kg approx.), depending on the size of the vice.

Jaw width

drill press vice jaw width The jaw width is how wide the jaws are from one side to another and is measured by the horizontal distance along the top of the jaw edge.

Smallest available: 65mm (2.5″ approx.)

Largest available: 200mm (8″ approx.)

Jaw opening

jaw opening The jaw opening of a vice is how far the mouth of the jaws can open.

Smallest available: 50mm (2″ approx.)

Largest available: 200mm  (8″ approx.)

Throat depth

throat depth The throat depth is how deep the jaws of a vice are and is measured by the vertical distance from the top edge of the jaws down to the base.

Smallest available: 25mm (1″ approx.)

Largest available: 50mm (2″ approx.)

How to choose a drill press vice

confused worker The size of the vice needed depends on the size of the material to be clamped. A user will need to make sure that the opening of the vice jaws is wide enough to hold the workpiece in hand.

A vice with a smaller jaw width and opening will be more restricting than a bigger vice, however it may also be easier to use and manoeuvre as its smaller design means it will be lighter.

strength and weight Weight is another aspect to consider when purchasing a machine vice. Although most drill press machines will have a table that is capable of holding any weight of vice, it is always important to check. To find out what weight capacity your machine’s table has, check the product specifications.
Donkee question marks For more information on the different vice dimensions, see What are the different vice dimensions?

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