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How to rotate the jaws on a rotating vice?

How to rotate the jaws on a rotating vice

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pipe jaws The jaws on a rotating multi-purpose vice can swivel 180 degrees so that either the regular jaws or the pipe jaws can be on top. Before rotating the jaws, you will need to identify the part of the vice that can unlock the jaws, as this can vary depending on the model.
lever Some rotating multi-purpose vices have a lever, located on the side of the vice’s main body, that can unlock and re-lock the jaws….
pin …Whereas other models have a pin on the back of the main body that will perform the same action.
unlock jaw

Step 1 – Unlock jaws

Unlock the vice jaws by rotating the lever anti-clockwise, or pulling the pin outwards, depending on which model of vice you have.

multi-purpose rotating

Step 2 – Rotate jaws

Rotate the jaws until they are in the best working position for the task in hand. The jaws can also be rotated to make clamping objects within the pipe jaws more convenient.

lock jaw

Step 3 – Lock jaws

When in the most convenient working position, lock the jaws by either turning the lever clockwise or pushing the pin inwards, depending on the particular model.

multi-purpose vice

Step 4 – Clamp workpiece

Place your workpiece within the jaws of the vice and clamp tightly to hold it in position.

 Donkee says 'the pipe jaws can be used to hold square pipes too'
umtli-purpose vice pipe jaws Your workpiece is now held securely and ready to be worked upon!

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