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How to attach a swivel base to an engineer’s vice?

How to attach a swivel base to an engineer’s vice?

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engineer's vice with swivel base A swivel base is an additional feature that can be fitted onto most types of engineer’s vice. When fitted it allows the vice to rotate up to 360 degrees. Swivel bases are available in a variety of different sizes to fit different models of vice.
steps The base can be fitted onto a vice by following these simple steps:
Lock nut and bolt

Step 1 – Unscrew lock nuts

Remove the lock nuts by rotating them in an anti-clockwise direction. Continue to do this until they unscrew from the bolts.

swivel base

Step 2 – Place vice onto base

Place the vice onto the swivel base. Do this by inserting the screws of the swivel base through the bolt holes of the vice’s fixed base.

attached swivel base

Step 3 – Replace lock nuts

Secure the vice onto the swivel base by screwing the lock nuts back onto the bolts of the swivel base. Fasten them by rotating them in a clockwise direction until they are secure. A wrench can be used if needed.

swivel base attached to vice The vice is now securely fastened to the swivel base and is ready to be rotated!

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