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How to mount a machine vice?

How to mount a machine vice

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steps A vice will need to be mounted correctly to make sure it is secure enough to clamp onto objects without risk of movement. This can be done by following a few simple steps.
drill press vice When used for holding a workpiece during machining operations, such as drilling or reaming, a machine vice should be mounted to a machine’s table by bolting it into place. It is bolted down in order to provide stability and safety when working on a clamped workpiece.
G clamp If you want the vice to be easily moved then you can also use clamps, instead of bolts, to hold the vice to the machine table.

G clamps would be the best type of clamp to use as they can be placed through the table mounting holes and secure the vice down by its base.

place vice

Step 1 – Place vice

Place the vice onto the table of the machine.

align drill bit with jaws

Step 2 – Position vice

Make sure to position the vice in the best position before bolting. When using a machine vice, the tool should be positioned with the jaws directly underneath the machine’s drill bit.

drill press vice

Step 3 – Bolt vice

Place bolts in all of the holes provided in the vice’s base. To add further security, place lock washers in-between the bolts and vice base to distribute the load of the fastener.

bolt nut and lock washer A lock washer is a thin metal plate with a hole in the middle that the end of the bolt can pass through.

Once the ends of the bolts have come through the other side of the machine’s table, keep them firmly in place by fastening nuts onto their ends, and tighten them using a wrench.

mounted drill press vice The vice will now be mounted to the machine table and ready for use.

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