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How does a machine vice work?

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using a drill press machine A machine vice works by positioning and restraining a workpiece while using a machine such as a drill press or milling machine. As the pressure from a machine tool’s bit can result in the spinning or throwing of an object, the vice removes this risk by keeping a firm grip on it.
drill press vice attached to stand The vice is firmly attached to the table of a machine tool, making drilling and similar operations more secure for the user.
drill press vice Similarly to other vices, it has two jaws which clamp together in a parallel motion in order to hold objects securely.
drill press vice One jaw is fixed while the other is movable and slides in and out to accept workpieces of different shapes and sizes.
vice screw and nut The sliding jaw is connected to a threaded screw which keeps it in constant alignment to the stationary jaw. The screw is held within the body of the vice by a nut which is secured within the iron base of the vice.
drill press vice handle The handle, which is fitted at the outer end of the vice, then controls the movement of the screw. When turned, pressure is exerted by this handle through the main screw, which either opens or closes the vice jaws depending on the direction of rotation.