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What is a metalworking vice?

What is a metalworking vice?

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Metalworking vices A metalworking vice is primarily made to clamp metal, but is also ideal for clamping any large, heavy materials, due to its strength and ability to withstand pressure, which are a result of its cast iron body.
A vice keeps a user's hands free Metal is often clamped when completing metalworking tasks such as filing, shearing, and grinding, etc. to allow the user to keep both hands free and away from the material being worked on.
Metalworking vice bolted to bench for security Many metalworking vices are designed to bolt to the top of a workbench in order to give maximum security when clamping an object.
Portable vice clamped to the edge of a work surface However there are some exceptions, such as the table vice, which is a type of metalworking vice that clamps instead of bolts to a workbench, thus allowing the vice to be portable.
Serrated jaws give the vice better grip The jaws of metalworking vices are often made of hardened steel with serrated edges for better grip. This means they can sometimes damage materials with softer surfaces and so jaw pads are often needed to protect a workpiece.

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