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What multi-purpose vice sizes are available?

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different sizes Multi-purpose vices are available in a variety of different sizes and dimensions, ranging from light to heavy-duty models. As the jaw width increases, then the vice overall gets bigger so as to be in proportion when clamping a workpiece.
tick box The following dimensions apply to all types of multi-purpose vice:


weight The weight of a multi-purpose vice can range from 18 lbs up to 75 lbs (8-35 kg approx.), depending on the size of the vice.

Jaw width

jaw width The jaw width is how wide the jaws are from one side to another and is measured by the horizontal distance along the top of the jaw edge.

Smallest available: 75mm (3″ approx.)

Largest available: 250mm (10″ approx.)

Jaw opening

jaw opening The jaw opening of a vice is how far the mouth of the jaws can open.

Smallest available: 75mm (3″ approx.)

Largest available: 300mm (12″ approx.)

Large reversible vices can open up to 350mm (14″ approx.) when reversed.

Throat depth

throat depth The throat depth is how deep the jaws of a vice are and is measured by the vertical distance from the top edge of the jaws down to the top of the screw/slide.

Smallest available: 50mm (2″ approx.)

Largest available: 160mm (6″ approx.)

How to choose a multi-purpose vice

vice clamping metal The size of the vice needed depends on the shape and material of the workpiece in hand. If a user wishes to clamp heavy or wide objects, then a vice with a greater jaw width/opening would be useful, as they have a greater capacity and would cover more of the material compared to smaller vices.
long workpiece If a user wishes to work on a longer object then a vice with a deeper throat would be ideal as it gives the workpiece more support when clamped. Utility vices (also known as combination vices) tend to have the greatest throat depth out of all the multi-purpose vices, and so would be best for holding workpieces such as long planks of wood or metal sheets.
Donkee questions For more information on vice dimensions, see What are the different vice dimensions?