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What is a hollow handle vice?

What is a hollow handle vice?

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hollow handle hand vice A hollow handle vice is a type of hand-held vice which is specially designed for holding wire, along with other small workpieces.
hole of hollow handle vice The handle is uniquely designed with a hole running through it.
hollow handle hand vice This allows the user to pass thin tubes, rods and wires all the way through and out of the end of the vice handle. The vice jaws then clamp the object to keep it still.

What is it used for?

wire The hollow handle means the vice is an ideal tool for holding long pieces of wire, for example copper or aluminium. The hole running though the vice handle means the wire can be passed through and clamped at the most convenient point; a useful feature for applications such as cutting or shaping.
hollow handle vice clamping metal workpiece Along with wire, the vice can also be used to hold small workpieces of a variety of materials, including metal, wood and plastic.
clock Due to its ability to hold small and delicate objects securely and without risk of damage, the hollow handle vice is commonly used for holding clock and watch parts in need of repair or inspection.
earrings Along with this, the vice can also be used for jewellery making and repairs. The vice can hold and twist the thin wire used in jewellery applications when making pieces such as earrings or necklaces.


hollow handle hand vice screw The main difference between hollow handle vices and other types of hand-held vices is the placement of the screw. A hollow handle vice screw passes through its handle, rather than through the two jaws. This means that in order to open and close the vice jaws the handle itself must be rotated, rather than a wing nut.
hollow handle vice holding metal rod A hollow handle vice can also commonly have vertical and horizontal grooves on its jaw surfaces, in order to give it a greater grip on circular workpieces, such as metal rods.
hollow handle vice with wooden and metal handle Similarly to a mini hand vice, a hollow handle vice is also available with either a steel or wooden handle. The major difference between the two materials is that a steel handle is often heavier yet slimmer than a wooden handle, meaning the tool weighs more but there is less to grip onto.

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