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How to reverse the jaws on a reversible vice?

How to reverse the jaws on a reversible vice

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reversible vice The jaws on a reversible multi-purpose vice can be easily swapped to increase the clamping capacity for holding larger workpieces.

Step 1 – Release screw

Rotate the handle in an anti-clockwise direction until the sliding jaw fully opens and the screw is no longer engaged in the nut, thus releasing it.

reversing jaws

Step 2 – Remove jaw

Remove the sliding jaw from the vice’s main body.

reversing jaws

Step 3 – Rotate vice

Rotate the vice body around 180 degrees.

reversing jaws

Step 4 – Insert jaw

Re-insert the sliding jaw, this time into the back of the vice so that the jaws are reversed.


Step 5 – Connect screw

Rotate the handle in a clockwise direction until the screw is reconnected with the nut and the sliding jaw is parallel to the stationary jaw.

clamping object

Step 6 – Clamp workpiece

Place your workpiece within the jaws of the vice and clamp tightly to hold it in position.

happy worker The vice is now reversed and the workpiece is held securely to be worked upon.

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