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What is a drill press vice?

What is a drill press vice?

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drill press vice A drill press vice is a clamping device that is primarily designed to be used in conjunction with a drill press machine.
drill stand A drill press machine is a fixed style of drill that is mounted on a stand. It is primarily used for drilling holes in objects, however it can also be used for a number of workshop tasks including sanding, sharpening, and polishing.
vice and table mounting holes The vice is particularly suited to being used with a drill press machine due to its flat base design which has mounting holes which coincide with the mounting holes on the machine’s table. These holes allow bolts to be passed through in order to secure the vice in place on the table.
Drill press table and vice The vice is then mounted to the table of a drill press machine, and holds workpieces securely while the machine is in operation.

What is it used for?

drill press chuck A drill press vice is primarily used to clamp a workpiece during drilling operations. The vice is designed to hold the workpiece firmly between its jaws so that it stays completely still when the drill bit pierces the surface of the material.
drilling As a drill bit rotates, it exerts pressure outward that can cause a workpiece to spin or be thrown if it is not clamped firmly.
free hands A drill press vice is a useful tool as it allows the user to have both hands free and away from the drill while machining.
metal, plastic and wood It is a vice that can be used to hold a variety of materials, including metal, plastic and wood.
reaming As well as drilling, the tool can be used when completing various other press work jobs, such as reaming, grinding, boring or tapping.
using a drill press machine and vice A drill press vice can be used for industrial work, as well as by home hobbyists and craftsmen.


drill press vice A drill press vice often has hardened jaws which allows it to withstand the large amount of force that comes with drilling applications.
grooved jaws Some models have jaws that have vertical and horizontal grooves on their surfaces so that they can hold circular or irregular shaped objects, such as pipes or conduit.
drill press vice The vice can also be equipped with jaw pads in order for it to hold a variety of workpieces without leaving damage on the material’s surface.

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drill press vice with 3 way base Some models of drill press vice have a three-way base in order to offer alternative mounting options. This design means the vice can be placed in three different positions on the machine’s table, adding to its versatility.

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