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How to use a drill press vice?

How to use a drill press vice

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instruction manual Although there are a few different types of drill press vice, they are all used in a similar way. Here are a few quick and easy steps explaining how to use your drill press vice.
drill press vice attached to stand

Step 1 – Attach vice

Before using a drill press vice under a machine, you should make sure it is firmly secured to the drill press table, by either bolting it down or using clamps (if you don’t want it to be permanently attached).

For more information on mounting, visit

mark the work piece

Step 2 – Mark drill point

Mark the point that you want to drill in your workpiece.

 Donkee says 'mark an X to create an accurate central point'
anti-clockwise direction

Step 3 – Open jaws

Open the vice jaws by rotating the handle in an anti-clockwise direction.

placing work piece into vice

Step 4 – Position workpiece

Place the the workpiece into the vice jaws in the best position for drilling. Make sure the workpiece is not set at any angle or the result will be an uneven hole.

clockwise direction

Step 5 – Close jaws

Tighten the jaws of the vice around the workpiece by rotating the handle in a clockwise direction. Keep tightening until the jaws hold the workpiece securely and there is no possibility that it can slip out of place.

align the drill bit

Step 6 – Align drill bit

Making sure the machine is off, align the drill bit with the workpiece’s drill point by positioning it onto your ‘X’ mark. This will ensure that the hole drilled is accurate.

drilling with a drill press vice

Step 7 – Drill

When ready, turn the drill press machine on and slowly lower the drill press into the clamped workpiece.

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