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What is a machine vice?

What is a machine vice?

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machine vice A machine vice is a clamping device used to hold a workpiece securely when operating a machine tool, such as a drill press or milling machine.
drilll press It differs from metalworking and woodworking vices as it is mounted to the table of a machine tool instead of a workbench.

A machine vice is attached to the drill press or milling machine’s table in order to relieve the user’s hands from holding the workpiece when drilling, milling, or completing similar tasks.

drilling A machine vice is needed because machining operations can be dangerous, and so the vice decreases the amount of risk involved by holding the workpiece for the user.
drill press vice holding metal It also allows the user to complete machining projects with a great deal of accuracy and precision, as the vice can be perfectly aligned with the machine’s drill bit or cutter before being secured into place.
plastic, wood and metal Machine vices can be used to hold a variety of materials, including metal, wood and plastic.

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