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How does a hand-held vice work?

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hand vice A hand-held vice differs from other types of vice as it is a manually held tool, and is not bolted or clamped to a work surface. This adds to the versatility of the vice as it is portable and can be used anywhere.
 Donkee says 'It's portable. That's handy'
hand vice A hand-held vice has two jaws which clamp objects in a parallel motion. Each jaw is attached to a handle, much like a pair of tongs, and the handles are often separated by a spring catch running through the centre of the vice.
open vice The vice has a threaded screw which is incorporated in the handles. The length of this screw determines how wide the vice’s jaws can open. There are different screw lengths, and therefore jaw capacities. For more information, see What are the different vice dimensions?
closed hand vice When the screw is rotated clockwise, the vice is tightened and the jaws are brought together to clamp the workpiece.
clamping motion Small objects are then secured within the jaws and this completes the clamping motion, leaving the user free to begin working on their object.