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What are the different types of handheld vice?

What are the different types of
hand-held vice?

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Donkee guide There are different types of hand-held vice to consider if purchasing a vice for holding small and delicate objects.

Hand vices

hand vice A hand vice is similar in appearance to a pair of tongs, as it has a simple design which consists of two connected handles, each with an integrated jaw on the end.

Hand vices are often made from drop forged steel for strength, as forged steel parts are generally believed to be superior to metals made by other methods as the forging process often produces a better quality finish.

hand vice holding metal for sanding Its size, along with its strong and sturdy construction, makes it ideal for general use in craft work and DIY jobs.

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Mini hand vices

mini hand vice A mini hand vice is a miniature versions of a hand vice, however it differs slightly in that the handle is a separate component from the two jaws.
mini hand vice It is called a mini hand vice as it is so small in design. Most models have a jaw opening of no more than 5mm (0.2″ approx.), which is the lowest capacity of any type of vice.

Due to this, it is the ideal vice to be used for speciality tasks such as jewellery making and fly tying. This is because it is designed for holding small workpieces, such as metal wires, pins, or needles, so they can be worked with.

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Hollow handle vices

hollow handle vice A hollow handle vice is a type of hand-held vice which is specially designed for holding wire, along with other small workpieces.
hollow handle hand vice The handle is uniquely designed with a hole running through it. This allows the user to pass thin tubes, rods and wires all the way through and out the end of the vice handle.

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Which type of hand-held vice should you choose?

confused worker If you wish to purchase a hand-held vice for general use, then a hand vice would be most suitable as it is the most versatile type. It has the greatest jaw width and jaw opening of all the hand-held vices, meaning it can be used to hold slightly bigger workpieces as well as smaller ones.
what's your choice sign On the other hand, if you want a vice purely for intricate tasks, particularly jewellery making, watch repairs or fly tying, then a mini hand vice or hollow handle vice would be ideal. These vices are specially made for clamping miniature and delicate workpieces, without risk of damage, and so are best suited for these applications.

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