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How to use a cross slide vice?

How to use a cross slide vice

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instruction manual Here are a few quick and easy steps explaining how to use your cross slide vice.
cross slide vice on machine table

Step 1 – Attach vice

Mount the vice to the machine’s table and secure it in place with bolts.

For more information, visit How to mount a machine vice.

mark a guideline for drilling

Step 2 – Mark drill point

Mark the point on the workpiece that you wish to drill if you are using the vice on a drill press machine.

Similarly, if you are using the vice for milling, mark the line that you wish to cut.

anti-clockwise arrow

Step 3 – Open jaws

Open the vice jaws by rotating the handle in an anti-clockwise direction.

workpiece in cross slide vice

Step 4 – Position workpiece

Place the workpiece securely into the vice jaws, making sure it is in the best position for drilling or milling.

clockwise arrow

Step 5 – Close jaws

Close the vice jaws by turning the handle in a clockwise direction. Make sure the jaws are closed tightly around the workpiece, in order to hold it firmly in place once it comes into contact with the drill bit or cutter.

align drill bit with workpiece

Step 6 – Align vice

Next, making sure the machine is off, align the drill bit or cutter with the mark on your workpiece.

drilling wood

Step 7 – Begin operation

When ready, turn the machine on and begin the drilling or milling operation.

workpiece in cross slide vice

Step 8 – Adjust vice

If you wish to adjust the position of the workpiece, you can slide the vice either from left to right or backwards and forwards using the XY axis feature.

 donkee says 'remember: x to the left, y to the sky'
cross slide vice x and y mounts To slide the clamped workpiece from left to right, rotate the upper mount’s handle.

To slide the clamped workpiece backwards and forwards, rotate the lower mount’s handle.

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