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What is a handheld vice?

What is a hand-held vice?

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hand held vice A hand-held vice is a tool used for clamping small objects while they are worked upon.

Being a hand-held tool, it is portable and can be used anywhere, including in the home, workshop or outdoors.

hand vice held in a engineer's vice A hand-held vice can also be fastened in a bench vice to hold objects in position while leaving both hands free to complete the task.
hand vice It is much lighter and gentler on workpieces than other vices, as it is of a much smaller size. This means it may be used for holding workpieces that are too small or delicate to be held in metalworking or woodworking vices.
mix of materials A hand-held vice is a light duty vice that will not mar a material’s surface when clamped, and so it can hold a variety of different materials, including metal, plastic and wood.
different types of hand-held vice There are different types of hand-held vice to choose from, including the hand vice, the mini hand vice, and the hollow handle vice.

What is it used for?

glue A hand-held vice can be used to hold objects securely while waiting for paint or glue to dry, eliminating the risk of the object moving.
cutting with a hand vice It can provide an advantage when completing difficult and dangerous tasks, such as cutting, as the vice can be used to hold an object safely while the DIYer uses a knife or a pair of scissors.
hand This eliminates the threat of the user’s hand being harmed while trying to hold the small objects themselves.
hand vice A hand-held vice is often used for craft work, decorations and jewellery making, as it can securely hold objects of a small diameter, such as wires or pins.
stopwatch It is a useful tool to have when making jewellery or carrying out watch repairs because its design means it is ideal for clamping miniature workpieces.
fly tying with hand vice It is also commonly used for fly tying, which is the process of producing an artificial fly that can be used by fishermen to catch fish.

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