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What is an angle vice?

What is an angle vice?

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angle vice An angle vice, also known as a tilting vice, is a machine vice that can tilt to set a clamped workpiece up at an angle for machining.
protractor and a 90 degree angle Its key feature is that the main body of the vice can be adjusted up to a 90 degree angle, while the base remains stationary on the machine’s table. This tilt allows the user to place the workpiece in the most convenient position for tasks including drilling, reaming or milling.

What is it used for?

angle vice on drill press machine As an angle vice can be used to hold a workpiece for a number of tasks, including drilling and milling, the vice can therefore be used in both drill press and milling machines.
angle vice clamping wood for drilling The tilting feature means the vice is ideal for creating angled or diagonal holes through an object when drilling.
angle vice holding metal for milling It is also useful for milling applications, such as making dovetail joints, as the vice can be set to any desired angle, up to 90 degrees.


angle vice with swivel base Some angle vices are equipped with a swivel base so that the vice can also be rotated 360 degrees during machining.

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angle vice calibrated quadrant Most models of angle vice have a calibrated quadrant on their side which allows the user to accurately set the vice at a required angle.
locking pin

Locking pin

Some models have a locking pin which is removed when the vice needs to be adjusted, and then re-inserted once at the desired angle.

slotted bracket

Slotted bracket

Alternatively, other models have a slotted bracket on either side which can be loosened to adjust the vice, and then tightened to lock the vice in place once it is at the optimum working angle.

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