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What mini-hand vice sizes are available?

What mini hand vice sizes are available?

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mini hand vice Mini hand vices are the smallest type of hand-held vice available, and different models are available with different jaw widths and jaw openings.


feather light Mini hand vices are extremely light, with the smallest model weighing as little as 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg approx.), and the largest model weighing 1 lbs (0.5 kg approx.).

The weight of the vice tends to increase as its overall size gets bigger, however it can also depend on the material of the vice’s handle.

Jaw width

jaw width The jaw width is how wide the jaws are from one side to another and is measured by the horizontal distance along the jaw edge.

Smallest available: 8mm (0.3″ approx.)

Largest available: 16mm (0.6″ approx.)

Jaw opening

jaw opening The jaw opening of a vice is how far the mouth of the jaws can open.

Smallest available: 2mm (0.1″ approx.)

Largest available: 5mm (0.2″ approx.)

How to choose a mini hand vice

tape measure In terms of jaw opening, there is not much difference between models of mini hand vice. Due to their smaller opening capacity, all versions of mini hand vice are only designed to clamp wire, pins, and other miniature workpieces. However, a model with a slightly wider jaw opening may be ideal as they can hold workpieces up to 5mm thick, which would not restrict a user as much as a vice that can only open up to 2mm.
scale As it is a vice that is hand-held, the weight of a mini hand vice is also a factor to consider when making a purchase. Although the primary factors to consider when choosing a vice are the jaw width and opening, you need to make sure the vice feels comfortable in your hand.
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